Our Trip to Camas on Monday 12th- Friday 17th June 2023

In June, Outdoors For You took 10 of our clients, along with volunteers for a trip to Camus, an outdoor activity centre run by the Iona Community in Mull. Our clients enjoyed a week of adventure in the glorious sunshine, that included various activities whilst experiencing a basic day to day lifestyle in a beautiful island setting with limited Wi-Fi access! Read about what we did each day! After, an afternoon of travelling on Monday we eventually arrived at Camas and were greeted by the team! We were given a tour of the remote island setting, and everyone was excited for what the week held. After initial introductions, it was time to eat -mealtimes at Camas are a good opportunity for people to get to know each other better and eating together builds on the strong sense of community at Camas. Meals cooked at the centre are vegetarian made from vegetables, herbs, fruit, and salad that is grown in the Camas Garden, so its fresh, delicious, and healthy! After each mealtime, everyone at helps with chores, our clients and staff helped with washing dishes, cleaning toilets, and tending to the garden. The chores didn’t take long to do, and everyone was happy to help. To end the day, we took part in a reflection- these are short times hosted by the Camas staff, that invite people to sit together in a circle to focus, reflect and share experiences. The Camas staff also set a challenge to see if anyone was able to swim in the sea before breakfast, a lot of us were up for the challenge! On Tuesday morning, after our morning swim and breakfast, we all enjoyed ceilidh dancing on the lawn and then went abseiling! We took a lovely walk to the cliffs where the views over Sunny Camas were lovely! Everyone did so well and there was biscuits and treats waiting for us at the bottom which helped! In the afternoon, we went Kayaking, and played water games whilst still in our kayaks which challenging and great fun.  Our reflection in the afternoon included games and lots of laughter. On Wednesday after breakfast, some played people volleyball and football whilst others did some, art which was very therapeutic. After lunch we took a hill walk to Market Bay- a truly beautiful beach. We played water volleyball in the sea, swam, sang, danced, and had great time! After our evening meal and chores, it was time for evening reflection.  We had been asked us to share a poem or sing a song-this was a beautiful reflection, everyone felt connected, and it was very emotional. On Thursday we went Coast Steering-which involved jumping off rocks into the sea (with a wet suit helmet and life jacket on of course!) This was brilliant and we even did the conga in the water, to everyone’s amusement.  Our reflection that day required us to draw the view in front of our eyes-taking time to enjoy the peacefulness and scenery of Camas. In the afternoon, Outdoors For You staff and volunteers took the opportunity to give thanks to the Camas staff by taking on the task of cooking lunch and doing the evening reflection. For lunch we made a Moroccan stew and hummus with homemade flatbread! The evening reflection, hosted by one of our volunteers, invited us to ask each other questions that revealed what we had in common, it was a fun way to get to find out information about each other. We spent the last evening dancing and singing in the common sitting area, it was a great end to our final day. After breakfast on Friday, we gathered on the lawn to say our goodbyes. Each person that had achieved the swimming challenge was given a lovely necklace which was handmade by one of the Camas staff. We had one final reflection-which was to share our favourite moment of our week. This was a lovely opportunity for everyone to share their experience of the time spent at Camas and to thank each other for making it a memory to be treasured.