Our Services

Reconnecting People and Nature

Currently we are running several projects, providing indoor and outdoor opportunities to reach a broad range of beneficiaries and individuals of varying fitness levels. We particularly aim to engage with individuals from Black and minority ethnic groups, and those who are socially isolated. Our projects and activities include:

Health and Wellbeing

We have developed Health and Wellbeing Sessions in collaboration with our service users over the past five years. No matter your age or current level of fitness, there is something to suit you – or something new to try. We offer one-to-one Wellbeing Sessions to explore how we can best support you and your health and wellbeing. We are also able to offer information sessions for other organisations or groups. Our Mindfulness Walks allow you to experience the calming beauty of nature, free from the distractions of everyday life. We are also able to host Yoga and Movement Sessions, to help participants feel more relaxed and connect with their bodies. Further, our Meditation Sessions support you to manage the worries of everyday life and reach inside to find inner calm.

Reconnecting to Nature

 We began in 2018 with a determination to share our love of nature with as many people as possible – and our growing list of activities means that we now have something for everyone. For the adventurous we host a range of hiking, hillwalking, and camping sessions. These range in scope, from a simple ramble over an easy trail, to a full weekend trip to take in some of Scotland’s beautiful scenery. We also believe in the importance of connecting with nature in our local environment, and so we provide inner- city services such as park walks.

Sport and Recreation

Our growing list of sports and recreation activities include Volleyball, Tennis, Cycling, Football, Running, Badminton and Table Tennis. Our sports and recreation activities are highly sociable and inclusive, welcoming regular and new members alike. Sport is an area that we have great hopes of growing - as new members join, they bring more skills and interests that they can share with others.

Art and Culture Connection

Engaging with nature is a great way to introduce people to the art and culture of Scotland. We began with our now well-established Art Walk, where participants reconnect with the natural environment through physical touch. Our portfolio now includes the Mural Walk and the Heritage Walk, where we visit a local artwork and monuments. We also host a popular Photo Walk, where participants are supported to engage with the landscape around them through the medium of photography, and a Multicultural Movie Night, giving us the opportunity to explore art from diverse cultures and languages.

As an organisation, we are aware of the importance and of the benefits of social integration. We know that social connection is a key determinant of health and wellbeing and so we work to facilitate this. From multicultural walks to senior’s out and about projects, we encourage and support participants to form new connections. We are also grateful to be involved in local health improvement events and university projects.

Women's Wellbeing

The Women's Wellbeing Project supports women from Minority Ethnic Groups to be more active. Women who have been involved in this project can enjoy both indoor and outdoor activity to improve physical and mental wellbeing. We have already provided swimming classes, women’s ping pong, and women’s yoga sessions. In addition to the physical benefits of these, women who have participated in this project have voiced the significant benefits of socialisation and feelings of community on their sense of mental wellbeing.


Eco-friendly Lifestyle

A huge part of the Outdoors For You ethos is that we must love and nurture our beautiful planet and the environment that we benefit so much from. As part of that, we arrange Eco-friendly sessions for our guests, where they can take part in activities from Allotment Tending, to Tree Planting or even Litter Picking. We strive to be actively involved in campaigns supporting accessibility and promotion of green space and community land use. Similarly, we are mindful of our own impact on the environment, where possible we plan activities that can rely on public transport for access. In occasions where public transport is not available, we run a car share system. We also provide information on topics such as leaving no trace, and the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, to encourage consideration of the surrounding environment.