Our Services

We offer a range of safe and bespoke outdoor tours, activities and mini breaks.  Our services are ideal for getting your clients, service users or members outdoors and experiencing the healing benefits of nature.

Click through to read more about each tour, or don't hesitate to get in touch should you need more information.

  • Multicultural Walk

    Designed to help people who are working to make Scotland their new home.

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  • Families in Nature

    Reconnect with nature and with each other with this family orientated walk.

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  • Mindfulness Walk

    Get back in touch with nature and with your inner self.

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  • Art Walk

    Get back in touch with nature and with your inner self.

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  • Health Walk

    Safe walks for elderly Asian, Black and Ethnic minority groups.

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  • Gateway Trip

    Short breaks to recharge and get planning for the future.

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  • Nature Therapy

    Designed for people who are experiencing unpleasant emotions and thoughts.

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  • Special Requirements

    All of our tours are adjusted to meet the needs of the participants - however should you have specific needs or requests don't hesitate to contact us.

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Be nurtured by nature

Learn more about our range of walks, mini breaks, and trips designed to help vulnerable groups overcome life's difficulties in stunning surroundings.

Multicultural Walk

This walk is particularly designed to help refugees and asylum seekers. In beautiful surroundings, people who may feel lonely or afraid have the opportunity to talk with others who have been on a similar life journey.

As participants connect both with nature and each other, they will have a chance to share their stories and experiences. They will get a chance to learn more about their new home from those who have been here longer than them (including the walk

Through the sharing of stories, customs, and diverse food, they will have the time to make supportive new friendships and learn more about the landscape and the people of Scotland.

Nature Therapy

We offer a range of Nature Therapy sessions, all led by qualified therapists. Each session is specially designed is to help individuals who are suffering from post-traumatic stress – perhaps from living in a war zone, or suffering torture, detention or trafficking. We carefully measure the participants’ individual needs, plus any barriers they may face such as language, culture, faith or customs. Our commitment is to deliver high quality service with core value of dignity, equality and confidentiality, in safe and secures environment for our staff and service users.

To benefit from the wild therapy you have to be referred by a relevant organization who know your condition and believes that you will benefit from the programme. If we truly believe that this service will be beneficial, we will work with any individual, to help them to navigate through the referral process.

Art Walk

Walking as an artform is a meditative, therapeutic and poetic experience and it can also be a greatly social one.

We leads group art walk workshops in which the intent is to encourage others to examine their surroundings in a deeper way. To create with a group is an easy way in which participants can gain a meditative, therapeutic experience.

In this workshop we will create ‘seedbombs’ - balls of earth, clay and wildflower seeds- to be thrown into wastelands and areas that could benefit from potential life and beauty. Whether the seeds grow or not is unimportant, the creative act is the shared memories and experience we have formed together from encounters of the day in which participants reconnected with the natural environment and with a creative part of themselves.

Families in Nature

Our Families in Nature walk provides a great opportunity for refugee families and asylum-seeking families to escape into nature and take the opportunity both to reconnect with each other and to take stock of their new circumstances.

Families taking part will be encouraged to get to know more about Scotland’s beautiful outdoors and to experience outdoor activities together.

Gateway Trip

Very often, people who have left everything behind when escaping their home country have limited financial resources. On top of that, language barriers and cultural differences can mean that they don’t have the confidence to get away for a few days to think, plan and get inspired.

Our Gateway Trips are designed to make such trips possible. We offer different types of mini holidays, such as walking tours, camping, retreat or adventure.

Mindfulness Walk

The Mindfulness Walk is specially designed for individuals and small groups looking for some quiet time away from busy city life. It gives them a chance to let go and appreciate the present moment.

We follow the simple concept that we are walking in nature, paying attention to the present moment rather than past or future thoughts. We walk calmly and silently, in groups of three or four, connecting with beautiful nature and aware of the present moment, so that by the end of the walk participants are calmer in mind and body and feel at one with nature.

Health Walk

Older people can often suffer from loneliness as well as physical and social challenges – and this can be even for people from Asian and black and minority ethnic groups. Cultural differences and language barriers can make it even harder to initiate new friendships and share in the community.

The Health Walk aims to provide suitable and safe guided walks for elderly people from Asian and black and minority ethnic groups who are, or may be at risk of loneliness. In a safe and facilitated environment, they are encouraged to take gentle and invigorating exercise whilst enjoying the company of others from diverse backgrounds.