Reconnecting people
and nature

Helping community to improve physical and mental wellbeing.


Create an inclusive community where everyone has access to indoor and outdoor activities to improve physical and mental wellbeing, with a special focus on Black and minority ethnic communities.


  • Opportunity Creation: Provide diverse indoor and outdoor activities for all.
  • Inspire Outdoors: Encourage spending time in nature for better health.
  • Wellbeing Promotion: Enhance physical and mental health through active lifestyles.
  • Social Inclusion: Foster community engagement and break down barriers.
  • Social Justice: Advocate for fairness, equality, and support for marginalised communities.
  • Eco-Friendly Practices: Promote eco-friendly lifestyles and environmental awareness.
  • Reconnect to Nature: Facilitate a deeper connection to nature’s benefits.
  • Women’s Wellbeing: Support programs specifically for women's health and wellbeing.


Inclusivity: Embrace diversity and ensure activities are accessible to everyone.

Health & Wellbeing: Prioritise the physical and mental health of our community.

Community: Build strong, supportive relationships and integration among participants.

Sustainability: Advocate for and practice eco-friendly behaviours.

Empowerment: Enable individuals to overcome barriers and improve their quality of life through active engagement in nature and sport.

Our Activity:

Walking : Hiking : Hill-walking : Camping : Tree planting : Running : Cycling : Volleyball : Swimming : Badminton : Ping Pong: Tennis : Retreat : Litter Picking : information session

Our History

None profit organisation from Sep 2018 to Jun 2022

Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation SCIO from Jun 2022

Helping community to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

We are happy to work with other organisations and community groups to provide the opportunity for outdoor experience. Our team is equipped to work with variety of people from different backgrounds, from local community groups to asylum seekers, refugees and EU migrants.

Our activities are set at various degrees of difficulty, we offer something suitable for everyone - from people with reduced mobility, all the way up to experienced hill walkers. Our activities are led by experience guides with the appropriate training. They also have relevant health & safety and first aid training.

No matter the personal circumstances, background, culture, or creed, everyone is treated with the dignity they deserve as fellow human beings.

Our Team Members

Our team brings a whole range of skills and passions to the table.  Learn more about the Outdoors for You team, and our story.



Founder - Chief Executive


Co-Founder - Project Manager

Stuart Radose





Walking Artist



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