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Mindfulness walk – Sunday 15th Sep 2019

Come in and join us for a Mindfulness Walk on Sunday 15th Sep. This walk is especially designed for asylum seekers and refugees who are looking for some quiet time in nature to refresh their body and mind. We will walk calmly and in silence, paying attention to the present moment rather than past or…


Photo Walk: Sunday 25th Aug 2019

Come in and join our photo walk and enjoy the beauty of nature. Our photo walk is designed to encourage people to get closer to nature and enjoy a day out and capture photos of things that they find interesting along the way. No experience is required, you only need your camera or mobile phone…


Eco Therapy

Ecotherapy refers to a range of different facilitated and supported activities that take place outdoors and that aim to increase peoples’ contact and connection with the natural world. They can take place in one to one or group settings and include diverse activities from a walk in the park to gardening to wilderness trips. Connecting…