Refugee Festival Volleyball Event

Last Wednesday evening, Victoria Park was alive with excitement as we hosted a special volleyball tournament for Refugee Festival Scotland, thanks to funding from the Scottish Refugee Council. The event brought together people from diverse backgrounds, celebrating unity and community through the joy of sport.

Teams composed of refugees and local residents competed in friendly matches, showcasing impressive skills and sportsmanship. The atmosphere was electric, with spectators cheering enthusiastically and players giving their all on the court, with team Holy Volley taking the first place trophy at the end of the tournament.

Beyond the competitive spirit, the tournament highlighted the power of sport to bridge cultural divides and foster inclusivity. Participants and spectators alike enjoyed an evening of fun, connection, and shared experiences.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated, volunteered, and supported this event. To Mana and Saman for your coordination and organisation of the tournament, to our Outdoors For You volunteers Aras, Anwar and Elly for your help facilitating the event on the evening and to photographers Stevi Jackson and David Mackay for capturing some amazing moments that will now live on in photos!

It was a memorable day that underscored the importance of community and the positive impact of Refugee Festival Scotland.

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