Glasgow Slavery Walk

Come in and join us to explore Glasgow hidden history on Friday 9th Dec 2022 at 01:00pm to 03:00pm.

The trade in enslaved people from Africa and the vast wealth it created in Europe and the Americas is one of the most important episodes in modern world history.

In Glasgow and Scotland, we have been in denial about our role in it for a long time.  We’ve known about it all along, but it’s been deliberately hidden.  The political situation has changed now though, and we’re being forced to face up to the truth. In particular, Glasgow benefitted economically to an enormous extent – it provided the money that changed Glasgow from a small regional centre into one of the biggest and richest cities in the world.  So much of our magnificent architecture was paid directly or indirectly from the enslavement of millions of people.

Our walk will take us around some of the key sites and buildings in the city centre to find out more about this hidden history.

Date and Time: Friday 9th Dec 2022 – 1:00pm to 03:00pm

Meeting Point: George Square – Glasgow War Memorial

For booking:

For more information email or call 0784 098 5858

This event is free, donation welcome.

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