Running For You

Do you like running and meeting new people? Are you an asylum seeker or refugees?

Outdoors For You is proud to promote a healthy active lifestyle and encourage the community to connect and engage with outdoor activities and nature. We are delighted to organise a running club for refugees and asylum seekers in Glasgow “Running For You”  to promote a healthy active lifestyle and encourage the community to come together. 

Everyone is welcome beginners and experienced runners. It is a fantastic way to meet new people and also a great opportunity for asylum seekers and refugees to engage with each other and the local community. 

Please join us on Thursday 6th, 13th of Aug 3rd, 10th of Sept then we will review our programme.

Meeting Point:McLennan Arch, Glasgow Green, Saltmarket, Glasgow G1 5JZ

Distance: 5km Approximately,


Please be aware that there is a degree of risk in all outdoor activities. Participants in these activities should be aware and accept responsibility for his own safety and involvement. Please ensure you have appropriate shoes  and clothing.

For more information about ‘Outdoors For You’ visit . Follow us on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep you updated with our latest news and events.

Please if you are planning to attend, contact us on the number below with a text message or phone call before.

Contact Number: 0784 098 5858

Outdoors For You