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West Highland Way Tour

Ecotherapy Therapy sessions

Natural healing, designed to help people who are experiencing unpleasant emotions and thoughts

Outdoors For You offers a range of Ecotherapy Therapy sessions, all led by qualified therapists.

Each session is specially designed is to help individual who are suffering from post-traumatic stress – perhaps from living in a war zone, or suffering torture, detention or trafficking.

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Silent Walk Tour Loch Scotland

The Mindfulness walk

Get back in touch with nature and with your inner self The Mindfulness Walk is specially designed for individuals and small groups looking for some quiet time away from busy city life. It gives them a chance to let go and appreciate the present moment.

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Whisky Walk Tour Scotland

The Multicultural Walk

This walk designed to help people who are working to make Scotland their new home.

This walk is particularly designed to help refugees and asylum seekers. In beautiful surroundings, people who may feel lonely or afraid have the opportunity to talk with others who have been on a similar life journey.

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Healthy Walk Tour Mugdock Park

The Health Walk

Safe walks for elderly Asian and black and ethnic minority groups.

Older people can often suffer from loneliness as well as physical and social challenges – and this can be even for people from Asian and black and minority ethnic groups. Cultural differences and language barriers can make it even harder to initiate new friendships and share in the community.

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Family Scotland Walking Tour

The Family Walk

The family walk provides a great opportunity for refugee families and asylum-seeking families to escape into nature and take the opportunity both to reconnect with each other and to take stock of their new circumstances

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The Art Walk Workshops

Walking as an artform is a meditative, therapeutic and poetic experience and it can also be a greatly social one.

We lead group artwalk workshops in which the intent is to encourage others to examine their surroundings in a deeper way. To create with a group is an easy way in which participants can gain a meditative, therapeutic experience.

In this workshop we will create ‘seedbombs’ - balls of earth, clay and wildflower seeds- to be thrown into wastelands and areas that could benefit from potential life and beauty.

Whether the seeds grow or not is unimportant, the creative act is the shared memories and experience we have formed together from encounters of the day in which participants reconnected with the natural environment and with a creative part of themselves.

Whiskey Walking Tour Scotland

Scottish Wildlife Walking Tour

Outdoors For You


A service for Scotland’s vulnerable and lonely - from minority ethnic older people to asylum seekers to people coping with disability, addiction or mental health issues.

Safe and therapeutic guided walks, excursions and holidays around beautiful Scottish locations.

Help your clients to experience the magic and beauty of Scotland.

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