A Week of Adventure at the Camas Centre on Mull 27th-31st of May

Our week-long trip to the Camas Centre on the Isle of Mull was a fantastic blend of adventure, relaxation, community, and natural beauty. Outdoors for You combined with Community Info Source, and together we formed an enthusiastic group of individuals from various nationalities and backgrounds, who came together to explore this stunning Scottish Island.


Our week was filled with exciting activities. Many of which were new to members of our group. Such as abseiling, where we challenged ourselves with abseiling down an old quarry. This thrilling activity tested our nerves and teamwork, and the sense of achievement upon reaching the bottom was immense. The supportive environment was uplifting and inspiring, and made us feel like we could take on anything!

We also had the opportunity to Kayak around the bay at Camas. Many capsizes and much laughter later, this was another opportunity to try something new and test our limits. For some of our client group, the Mull ferry was the first time ever on a boat, so to be paddling their own Kayak a few days later was incredible!

The weather wasn’t always on our side, but in true Outdoors For You style, this didn’t stop us getting out there. We managed to put on our waterproofs and hike up to the trig point, a truly Scottish experiencing facing the driving wind and rain and stomping through rugged heather hillside. The hikes throughout the week were not only physically rewarding but also provided ample opportunities for cross-cultural conversations and fostering friendships.

Trip to Iona

Mid-week, we took a ferry to the nearby Isle of Iona. Known for its historical and spiritual significance, Iona offered a peaceful contrast to our adventurous activities. We visited the Iona Abbey and settled down on one of the islands white sandy beaches, for some this was a chance to slow down and relax, soaking up the stunning views while the sun shone, and for others this meant participating in the Camas (coffee) cup beach football!

Staying at Camas

Throughout the week, the Camas Centre provided a welcoming and inclusive environment that encouraged community spirit. Shared meals, evening reflections, songs, dancing and group activities facilitated conversations and connections, enriching our understanding of each other’s cultures, experiences and perspectives.

Our trip to the Camas Centre on Mull was an unforgettable experience, filled with outdoor adventures, personal growth, and camaraderie. From kayaking and abseiling to hiking and exploring Iona, every activity brought us closer together and allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the natural beauty and cultural richness of Mull. It was a week that left us with lasting memories and new friendships, reminding us of the power of adventure and community. Thank you to the staff and volunteers at Camas for looking after us so well, your efforts were greatly appreciated by us all.

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