Happy Volunteer Week Scot

Happy Volunteer Week Scot to all our volunteers. We would like to say a huge thank you to all our volunteers.

Marzanna started volunteering with Outdoors For You two years ago. She is talking about her love for the role.

“Volunteering with Outdoors For You has been a really fulfilling experience for me. I fully appreciate the ethos of this organisation, the atmosphere, and the opportunities to meet people, all whilst being active!

 I love volleyball, and I know that the game can really bring people together, so leading the volleyball group has been a perfect role for me.

 It doesn’t matter what your skills are or how well you speak English, we will welcome you with open arms. Joining us is a great way to stay active, make friends with people from around the world, and practise English and other languages. We’ve become like a family, sharing jokes, talking about life, and celebrating our birthdays in the park. At the time of the pandemic, with a lot of uncertainty and lengthy restrictions in place, it is especially important to feel connected and a part of the community. I believe our volleyball group has helped us all to fulfil that need.”