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Make sure you're equipped to make the most of your booking

Choose the right tour for you

All our tours are graded on a six point scale depending on terrain, inclines and fitness level required. Find the right grade for you by looking at our chart!

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Pack the right kit for your tour

Making sure you bring the right equipment can make a big difference to your day. Have a look at our list of reccomended equipment.

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Booking Terms and Conditions

We like to keep things clear and simple, to the terms and condition for our tours can be found online here.

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Choose the right tour for you

To ensure you get the best out your tour, we have a six point grading system across all our walks, tours and weekend packages. The helps you pick the best adventure for your own personal ability

Grade One

Flat even surface no steps or steep sections. Suitable for wheelchair users with an assistant or people with reduced mobility.

Grade Two

Well-defined paths. The route may include some gentle hills and occasional steps. Distance just below 5 km.

Grade Three

Well-defined paths. Suitable for most ages and fitness levels. Routes may include some hills and uneven surface.

Grade Four

Easier long walks. Mostly well-defined paths. Requires fitness for longer walks, up to 20 km. Routes may include some hills and uneven surface.

Grade Five

Moderate hillwalks. The path may be uneven with steeper sections. Requires good fitness for uphill walking.

Grade Six

Harder hillwalks. Can include longer walks and pathless sections. There may be some minor scrambling. Requires very good fitness for longer uphill walking.

Recommended Equipment

Make sure you've got the right things with you to make sure you get the most out of your day.

The following equpiment can really help ensure you enjoy your day to the max. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

  • Good pair of walking boots or shoes suited to the terrain and appropriate for the weather.
  • Good waterproof jacket.
  • A few layers of clothes. ( This makes it easier to adjust for changes in the weather and activity levels)
  • Small Backpack
  • Water bottle
  • Packed lunch and Snacks
  • Hat and Gloves
  • Camera
  • Sunglasses and Sunscreen
  • Personal medications
  • Walking Poles - if you find them useful!

Outdoor Access Code

Before heading out, please make sure you have read the outdoor access code online here.

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Check the Weather

Look ahead to the weather for your big day out so you know what to pack!

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Terms and Conditions

We like to keep things clear and simple, to the terms and condition for our tours can be found online here.

Booking Process & Cancellations

We will send you a written confirmation and receipt once we receive your booking payment. If you cancel your booking 30 days or more before the event we will refund 50% of the payment, but NO payment will be refunded for any cancellation less than 30 days. If we cancel any trip (very unlikely) your payment will be refunded in full. We are not liable for any additional costs.

Grade and Fitness

Our hiking tours range from ones for the elderly, disabled, families, easy walks to hills and mountains and more. We grade our tours clearly to pick the one best suited to your ability and fitness. You should be aware of the level of fitness required for the activity you propose to take part in. Our hiking grades start from 1 to 6. Please see grade table above.

Liability, Safety and Risk

For your own safety we ask you to agree to follow the advice given by your guide. Please be aware that you are responsible for your own safety and that walking/hillwalking activities involve a certain element of risk. Parents are responsible for the actions and safety of their children. We must be notified in advance of any medical condition or if you are taking medication which is likely to interfere with your ability during the activity.


The information you provide is required for your own safety and will be passed on to your guide. We will not disclose the information for any other purpose.

Use of Images

We may take some Photographs/ video of the events participants for our social media and website to share the experience and for marketing. If you have any objections please tell us in advance.

Gear & Equipment

You will need appropriate outdoor gear for the time of year and weather conditions. Your guide has the right to refuse your participation in any activity if you do not have appropriate gear. Let us know in advance if wish to borrow or hire some appropriate gear. Please see ‘reccomended equipment’ list.