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Who We Are

Outdoors For You was founded in 2017 by people who share a passion for Scotland’s fantastic outdoors - and a belief in nature’s ability to help humans to heal and to thrive.

The service is intended primarily for the clients and members of Scottish Charity and Interest Groups- whether they be older people, people who are new to Scotland as asylum seekers and refugees, people with disabilities, as well as those from minority ethnic backgrounds.

Because the Outdoors For You team knows from our own experiences that re-introducing people to the great outdoors, even for a few short hours, can bestow huge benefits - helping us to feel fitter, happier and more alert – and more able to assess and address our own issues.

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What We Do

At Outdoors For You, we work with organisations to deliver a varied range of guided walks and tours.

Our partners work with vulnerable groups, from older people to asylum seekers to people coping with disability, addiction or mental health issues. We work hand in glove with them to provide the safest and most beneficial outdoors experience for their users.

Our walks and other excursions are set at varying degrees of difficulty, and so there is something suitable for every group - from older people, people with reduced mobility, all the way up to experienced hill walkers. And each of our tours is led by qualified guides, with relevant health & safety and first aid training.

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